ulie M. Hamilton has distinguished herself as one of the up and coming environmental attorneys in southern California, having represented individuals and organizations in a variety of environmental matters in court and at the administrative level. The scope of matters successfully handled by her range from cases on wetland habitat restoration, groundwater issues, CEQA cases, Coastal Act, water quality, telecommunications, endangered species and solid waste matters.

Julie has a degree in Natural Resources and worked for 17 years in the land use and environmental field before becoming an attorney. She provides experienced environmental analysis, agency contacts, document review, group and client organization as well as legal advice and representation.

Julie handles all varieties of Environmental Law including:

· California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
· Coastal Act and Coastal Commission Actions
· Administrative Law and Procedures
· Administrative Agency Practice (Federal, State and Local)
· Beach and Coastal
· Design Review
· Endangered Species (Federal and State)
· Water Quality
· Mitigation
· Multiple Species Programs
· National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
· Non-Profit
· Traffic and Circulation
· Wetlands
· Zoning